The Nemean Ordeal

by Dekadent



released June 7, 2019


all rights reserved



Dekadent Slovenia

DEKADENT is a representation of individual expression, based on the foundations of extreme metal music. Not limited by any musical genre, the art of Dekadent does not avoid tasting the beauty and splendor of melody and exploiting it's emotional vastness. It is not corrupted by the ideals of commercialism as it stands true to creativity and originality no matter the mainstream or public criteria. ... more

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Track Name: Shepherd Of Stars
Embraced as a Ruler
For the Here and the Beyond
A midday moon granting its serpentine gaze
White Queen knifing its Crest upon my face
Unhanding the harm by the Virtue of Black Celestial Cone
I submit to the infinite reign of Pleroma

Hand me Thy crown
For the time is passing out of Thine veins
Surrender Thy sword
Archon of Lies —Thou hast been denied

Graced as their ruler
From here to beyond
Kissed by the moon
Embraced by the stars

Grinding the silvery Egg
Return to the Void
Back to the Abyss

Vast as the dark waters
I drown in existence
In the ocean of spirits
Anoint me in kozmos
Devoured by Time!

Immersed by the shade of this parallel existence
Reaching the beacon of heavenly rebirth
I surrender my sword
I hand down the crown
Now, hand me the Wine!
Track Name: Solar Covenant
Sunlight piercing through the Night
Morning saying Goodbye

God-sword slicing The Dark
Arrows shining from the stars

Bring forth the fire, bring forth the knife
Witness the final gaze of my long-serving eye

Goodbye and farewell to the Night
release my hand and die unto Daylight
Now end your torch, now blunt your knife
Grant me your final gaze – Kiss the scythe
Brave the pain, submit to the warmth
Receive the ease, repose in accord
Soar amidst the Times, embrace the void
Greet the eternity and kiss the scythe

Turning into a fucking leontocephaline
Into a beast of forgotten worlds
a playful Caduceus,
a Kerukeion of Gods

A handful of keys, yet the gate seem unopened
Finally grants the thunderbolt to exude of the human self
Shedding forever - dripping forever ...
Turning into forever ...

Qasireu of Eternity
Child of the Abyss
Bred by the Kiss of life
Becoming the shadow-self!
Shedding forever - dripping forever ...
Turning into Eternity ...
Track Name: Wanax Eternal
Blazing vortex of heavenly matter
Warrior king returns
Seize the share, drink the gold
watch Wanasa burn

Rise above the throne
With thunder in your Eyes
Hail victory - Lord of Eternity

watching you dance without your limbs
speaking my name in my dreams awake
Raping the Monad

I saw you rip the wings off my Eagle
I saw you release your golden Wolves
while riding your headless horse
with a mountain on your spine
I saw you destroying my Church with your scepter
I saw you mutilate my gods

With sickle in my chest
and hammer in their hands
The face behind all evil
As divine being transcends

Save me on my knees
Bring war upon my land
Take me to your halls
To whatever end

Bear the finiteness
Supreme and Absolute
Infinite and eternal!
Track Name: The Lavantine Betrayal
Gazing into downfall
The King of kings at my side with hell unfolding
I but close my eyes and delve to darkness

Faithful knights no longer ride my demons
Silently they wait and sate the monster
Invisible - Invincible!

Golden gate of Heavens melting
Seraphs shedding tears and scream in silence
I but close my eyes and await the moment
Sever my head unto the anvil
Let me bleed and bear the anguish
I can see them fast descending
One by one they come and greet
the King of kings — Not me
For I am the One who bleeds

For I stressed my defiance
by building denial
I burned your asylums
as Destroyer of Zions
With iron & fire
Countered genuflection

Whose words are on my mind,
on my lips, and in my heart?

Rebinding my hands
in oath and Veneration
still crossing myself
in fear and desperation

Lend my Thy Heart
Grace me with strength
for yet another rebirth
Another journey through Hell

-How to please our gods with wisdom
with gifts from hell or holy kingdom?-
Track Name: Escaping The Flesh So Adamant
Chase the soul of ancient passion
Spit the vermin of grandiloquent grace
Kharis touches my broken temple
Through repentance I greet Thy syzygies

Snakes ascending from the skies
Exhaling their rhymes of venom
I can see my very eyes in incarceration
Stranded in reality I escape to kenoma

Engulfing the bonfire of the pale moon
to gain the strength of Yesteryear
Walking the path of an endless circle
to reach the chalice of my crimson reward
Passing into a reflection of my shadow forevermore

Again I greet the celestial eagles
and offer my liver to their beaks
come with thunder, for I yearn the cold
numb my putrid flesh that reeks

Care for gold has long been lost
Give me blood, give me stones, give me dirt
I wish for the anchor of tranquilly grace
for I’m a worm sanguine since birth

Kings of Flesh, Flesh of Kings
Marking the return of the Stardust
Colossal flesh bearing your name
Prepare for return
Prepare for rebirth

Make me into one of those pillars
in your whitest temple
Track Name: The Nemean Ordeal (Death Of A Lion)
I can see a man without a face looking at me
Eating my tongue, tearing me limb by limb

Divine fire I await for thy prime ordeal
Basilevs Basileon - Take this gift of flesh
Red thine lips with carnal wine
Lest I rest my head in flames’ embrace in crapulence

All hail the Lion and the faceless king
Champion of pain - Father of snakes
Whose waters I drink and never repent

And the graves are many
as stars they shine for all the gods to see
Shall I ever plead for mercy then hold no tomb for me

And the stars are many
yet all fall once they grow too great to be
Scatter my dust in the Desert of Shadows and leave

Still the Moon and the Sun keep shining
with their crescent smiles so strange
whipping the back of the great Lion
as if waiting for the times to change

Aeons withstand the change - They conquer time
With giants blowing the sands away
Through their temple of bones
my spirit remains dark amidst the day

It’s a death of the Lion, the King is dead
My soul at the gateway, building new path
damning the gods - unleashing their fury
now breaking away

Liberation at last, no sight of a lion
or torment one would remember
A mere settled dust in the wind, oh so tender ...

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